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General Plumbing & Heating Hounslow

General Plumbing & Heating Hounslow

At RK boiler Heating Solutions, we specialise in a range of heating services designed to make sure that your home is warm all year round! We know just how cold the winters can be in London and we make it our aim to make sure that you keep cosy during these months. As well as our boiler and central heating services, we can also provide a range of other heating services.

Radiators in Hounslow, London

Radiators are connected to your boiler and can be turned on independently or through a timer. This means that you can warm your home whenever necessary, as well as, setting the radiators to turn on at a specific time, e.g. in the early morning before you get up!

At RK Boiler Heating Solutions, we can install a range of radiators in your home in Hounslow, London, as well as complete any repair and maintenance work on any existing radiators.

Fireplaces in Isleworth, London

Fireplaces are starting to increase in popularity again after a decline in popularity. This is partially down to the new fireplace technologies that means less energy is required to keep the fire going. Additionally, the atmosphere and ambiance that a fire creates cannot be replicated with any other furnishing. It is unique and can be cosy, welcoming and romantic.

At RK Boiler Heating Solutions in Isleworth, London, we can install any fireplace in your home as well as undertaking any repairs and maintenance on an existing fireplace.

For more information on the general heating services that we can offer such as radiator and fireplace installations, give us a call today on 07708179372 or send us a message through our contact page.

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